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Catholic Schools Week Celebrations

The Academy of St. Dorothy students and community made great memories as we celebrated Catholic Schools Week! Below you can see some highlights of some of our favorite activities. To celebrate service, the students wrote cards and letters to the Sisters of St. Dorothy, thanking them for their dedication to such a special group. If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be able to experience our special school. 

In celebration of service, classes joined together and create custom Valentine's Day projects. These special crafts are being sent over to the residents of Carmel Richmond Nursing Home to brighten up their days. The students definitely had a favorite day though, and that was the day we celebrated them - the reason we are all here. We had such a fun time bowling and eating pizza! Even the Pre-Kindergarten students were able to join in on the fun as the children had a "portable bowling alley" provided for them in the gym!

In addition to our "day of fun," we welcomed back some of our former students as they joined us on our Alumni Panel. A huge THANK YOU to Judge Raymond Rodriguez, Mrs. Zosia Campisi, Mrs. Lisa Barnett, and Mr. Chez Perfetto for their time. The way they shared their memories, insight, and thoughts on their experiences were priceless to our current students. There was no better way to end our week with a reminder that you we will all always be part of this special ASD Family !