'Effortless Fundraising' 2014 -2015

  • “Effortless Fundraising”


    • Box Tops and Labels for Education – collected every Tuesday.  Every child that brings in 30 for the month receives a prize.  Top Class for the month will get an Ice Cream Party.  Last year’s total $1800. This year so far we’ve collected $198.00.  If we collect $300 a month, we can double last year’s total.

    • Shoparoo – install the App, choose a grade and take pictures of your receipts.  You will be awarded Shoparoo points or a sweepstakes entry.  May take a few days to process receipts.

    • Schoola – email or call for a bag, send in children’s gently worn clothes.  If your clothes are purchased ASD gets 40% of the proceeds.

    • Stop & Shop Rewards – already registered, if not our code is 11257.

    • In the process of joining Amazon and Pathmark, more info to follow.


    Meatballs & Martinis – October 13th Columbus Day – noon until 10:00, no school 10/14.  Percentage back to ASD.

    • Perkins Pie Sale – November 10 -18, 8th Grade Support – Buy Perkins pies through ASD.  Top selling class gets a prize.

    • Chuck E. Cheese Day -  2/6/15 – gift cards, 15% back to ASD


      Additional events not added to the calendar yet:

    • Facebook Pampered Chef Party

    • Super Bowl Pool

    • Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament

    • ASD Day at Moe’s


    • Business or family names in the gym on the Sponsor Board

    • Signs along the fence of the field in the spring



    • ASD Cookbook to be ready for the Mother’s Day Sale.  All recipes are due February 6th.