Academic / Religious Activities

  • Liturgies and Retreats

    Liturgies are celebrated once a month during the school year. Each liturgy is planned and led by the students and their classroom teacher. The students lead us in Mass by acting as lectors and creating reflections based on our special theme of the month, including all Holy Days of Obligation.

    All students in Kindergarten through Grade 7 participate in a school retreat day led by Sr. Mary Ann. These retreats focus on creating a sense of community among the class as relationships are built through religious meditations and activities. Eighth Grade students participate in a Graduation Retreat in June. Students in Grades 3-7 celebrate the sacrament of Reconciliation during the school year.

    Field Trips

    Classroom instruction is enhanced through the participation in field trips. Each year students will participate in at least one field trip each year. Destinations include Washington D.C., Philadelphia, P.A., Community theater productions, Liberty Science Center and many other locations. These trips stimulate intellectual development, group camaraderie, and the further development of social skills outside the classroom setting.

    Community Outreach

    We encourage student involvement in service opportunities with our local community. Participation in these opportunities is done both as a school community and individually.