Admissions Policy

  • Admissions Policy for the Academy of St. Dorothy

    The process for admission to Academy of St. Dorothy is:


    1.     Parents must complete the school application form and provide all required documents. 


    2.     Children must be five (5) years of age by December 31st in order to be eligible for Kindergarten and four (4) years of age for Pre-Kindergarten.  For all new students the following documents are required:

    a.     Official Certificates of Birth, Baptism, and any other sacraments received.

    b.     Current records of immunization and health.

    c.     Records from last school attended.  (Report card, I.E.P., standardized test scores and health records.)

    d.     Favorable score on Academy of St. Dorothy admission test.

    e.     Parents’ willingness to fulfill the obligations required by the school.

    f.      Signed registration form, tuition contract, and non-refundable deposit.


    3.     Priority is given to siblings and children of alumni of the Academy of St. Dorothy for admissions.


    4.     Following an interview and evaluation of the materials, the parent will be notified about the status of the child.


    5.     All new admissions are on academic, behavioral and financial probation for one full school year.  Failure to comply with any of the above requirements may result in non re-registration for the following school year.


    Registration begins in January each year for students in PreKindergarten through Grade 8.