Catholic Identity

  • Service Hours

    To strengthen students’ Catholic Identity and to expand their understanding of the Christian call to service the Academy of St. Dorothy has instituted a Service Hours Requirement to their curriculum.


    The number of hours required per year is:

    Pre-Kindergarten – Kindergarten            1 hour

    Grades 1 – 2                                         2 hours

    Grades 3 – 4                                         4 hours

    Grades 5 – 6                                         6 hours

    Grades 7 – 8                                         10 hours


    Service projects are those actions that make a difference in people’s lives.  They can be as simple as running an errand for a friend or as complex as working in the community to address a quality of life issue (e.g. graffiti, littering).  Service projects are not tasks that a student is already expected to do at home such as cleaning a room.



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